Top 5 Awesome Cool Android Apps of 2019

Today I will show you some Awesome Cool Top 10 Android Apps of 2019. If you download these apps so differently you feel better, These apps will increase your Android Uses Express. So Let’s Explore It…

Top 5 Awesome Apps
Top 5 Awesome Apps


[appbox googleplay screenshots]

In a Play Store have a lost of Browser app but MINT BROWSER is different from them. How? In MINT BROWSER first of all its comes from Xiaomi. In Xiaomi’s Browsers we see Ads but in MINT Browser isn’t have Ads. In MINT Browser have a Night Mode if you enable the mode so almost every website will convert into Night Mode. Also it is a lightweight Browser.


[appbox googleplay screenshots com.fb.fluid]

Now this will maker your smartphone into iPhone X, How? This app for those who have a Softkey Navigation Bar Button in Phone. Softkey = Not Hardware Key like Samsung S9, S9+, Google Pixel 3, and more. Its work also in which phone have a Hardware Key. It will change your phone softkeys or Navigation Bar into Navigation Gestures. Have you see in iPhone X haven’t softkeys but Navigation Gestures. How does it work? After installing the app from the PlayStore. When you open the app its want to Enabled Navigation Gestures, When you click on it. You will enter in a Settings after it. Enable Fluid Navigation Gestures. After Enable come back and Enabled again in the app. If in your phone have a Softkey or Navigation Bar you can hide it by this app. When you swipe bottom to Top you will back. If you swipe left to right you will also back.


[appbox googleplay screenshots]

In Stock Android OS will get only Google phone app by default. Before if you in a Custom OS like MIUI, Oxygen OS, OneUi. So in Custom Operating System have a Different Gallery app. If you miss the Custom OS Gallery app so you can download the Memoria Gallery app. In this app, you get like Custom OS Gallery app Express.


[appbox googleplay screenshots com.tombayley.bottomquicksettings]

This app is Inspire by iPhone. In Android phones has a Notification Panel in Top side but by this app you get your phone Notification Panel in Bottom of phone like iPhone. Also that helps in if your phone is big in size like Samsung Note 9 so you can’t easily open Notification Panel by one hand. This app will change Notification Panel in bottom. Just swipe bottom to up.


[appbox googleplay screenshots vladyslavpohrebniakov.uninstaller]

For you only you Gyan Bra’s team install lots of app installation is very easy but problem is that when you want to uninstall app definitely it’s consume lots of time. This app solves this problem just install this app and select an app which you want to uninstall click one button and app will uninstall.

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