How to Right-Click Using Keyboard on Apple Mac

Macs go with a well of great keyboard shortcuts and ties that make it really easy to play out a huge amount of tasks in the system. In any case, if there is few keyboard shortcut that is missing from macOS all of these years, it’s that you can’t play out a right-click on a selected item using the keyboard. This particular segment has been accessible on Windows keyboards since a long time ago and it sucks that MacBooks don’t have it. Thusly, on the off chance that you’re looking for a way to deal with play out a right-click from a Mac reassure, we have you verified.

Right Click Using Keyboard on Apple Mac
Right Click Using Keyboard on Apple Mac

Right Click on Mac Using Keyboard

For the most part, there are ways that you can mastermind keyboard shortcuts to play out a right click-in macOS, however, these ways simply play out a right click wherever the mouse cursor happens to be, instead of the file, folder, URL, or word that you have picked. So after an extended period of time of scouring the web, I had the ability to understand three separate ways that you can right click on a highlighted part without moving your mouse cursor there first.

Note: I tried these methods on my 2017 MacBook Pro running macOS Mojave Developer Beta and all of them worked perfectly fine.

Using Apple Script and Automator

The first (and the principle-free) method to right click on Mac using a keyboard requires some Apple Script work, and a bit of break with Automator — both incredibly accommodating gadgets that Apple bunches with every Mac. Here are the methods you’ll need to seek after:

  • Open Automator, and create a new ServiceContextual Workflow.
  • In the drop-down box next to “Workflow receives” select “no input” and ensure that the next drop down box reads “any application.”
  • Use the interest bind, Automator, to check for “run AppleScript.” Drag and drop it into the Automator workflow.
  • Paste the following AppleScript code into the workflow by replacing the comment that says “your script goes here.”
tell application "System Events" to set frontApp to name of first process whose frontmost is true
tell application "System Events"
tell application process frontApp
set _selection to value of attribute "AXFocusedUIElement"
tell _selection to perform action "AXShowMenu"
end tell
end tell
  • When you’re set, save the workflow with a suitable name, I’m using “Right Clicker.”
  • By and by, in System Preferences, go to Keyboard – > Shortcuts – > Services. Look down and find the organization you simply made.

Click on ‘Add Shortcut‘ to set a keyboard shortcut to the service. I’m using command+shift+. for this. You can use any keyboard shortcut that is most easy for you to remember. Just certification that it’s not a system keyboard shortcut like “command+space” or “command+control+Q.”

  • When you’ve done that, go to System Preferences – > Security and Privacy – > Privacy – > Accessibility.
  • Here, click on the Plus icon to add a new app. Choose ‘Automator’ and add it to the list of apps that are allowed to control your computer.
  • You need also have to add each app where you want to use this keyboard shortcut to the list.

When you’ve done this, you’ll have the capacity to select any file or folder in Finder, and just press the keyboard shortcut to open the right-click menu for that file or folder.

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Using Better Touch Tool

If you’re irritated of having to include each and every app you need to utilize the right-click shortcut on to the list of apps permitted to control your Mac, you can utilize Better Touch Tool (45-day free trial; license starts at $6.50) as well. The app is paid, however, it offers a free trial, and brings a great deal of features. Here are the means by which you can utilize Better Touch Tool to right click on a selected element on Mac.

  • Launch Script Editor on your Mac, and paste the following AppleScript into it. Spare the file (I saved it as right-click script on my Desktop).
tell application "System Events" to set frontApp to name of first process whose frontmost is true
tell application "System Events"
tell application process frontApp
set _selection to value of attribute "AXFocusedUIElement"
tell _selection to perform action "AXShowMenu"
end tell
end tell
  • Next, in Better Touch Tool preferences, head over to the Keyboard tab.

Click on “Include New Shortcut or Key Sequence,” select “Key Sequence” and pick the key combination you need to use.

  • Click on the crate under “Trigger Predefined Action” and pick “Launch Application/Open File/Start Apple Script.”

From the spring up, select the Apple Script file you simply saved.

That’s it, you would now be able to utilize your picked keyboard combination to play out a right-click on your Mac.

Using Alfred

In the event that you would prefer not to deal with composing and sparing an Apple Script, you can utilize a pre-built Alfred work process. Alfred (free trial; license starts at £19) is a profitability app for Mac, and the main paid Mac app other than BTT that I prescribe individuals to look at. There’s a free version available, however, you’ll need to purchase the Alfred Powerpack to utilize Workflows.

  • Download the Right Click workflow.
  • Open the downloaded file and it’ll automatically be added to Alfred.
  • You’ll probably have to install an update to the workflow. To do this, just open Alfred and type “update.”
  • Once the update has been installed, head over to Alfred Preferences and go to “Workflows.”
  • Select the Right Click workflow, and set your preferred hotkey to use for right clicking.

That’s it, you’ll currently have the capacity to utilize the hotkey to right click on any selected element on your Mac.

Utilize Your Mac Like a Pro With Keyboard Control

Using a Mac with simply the keyboard is particularly conceivable, and much of the time it’s less demanding to not utilize the trackpad (regardless of how great) or a mouse to navigate your Mac. By and by, I’m to a greater degree a keyboard-leaning individual myself and this shortcut are extremely useful for me. In this way, since you realize how to right click on Mac with a keyboard, feel free to begin utilizing your Mac like a keyboard star. On the off chance that you face any problems, or in the event that you are aware of another strategy to do this, let me know in the comments section below.

Right Click Using Keyboard on Apple Mac
Right Click Using Keyboard on Apple Mac

Fact; Steve Jobs famously hated buttons, so all Apple products are a bit light on the use of them.


Now after doing these things you’re able to Right Click Using Keyboard On Mac. You know about it everything if you have any problem/doubt regarding this so make sure write your comment.

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