How to get PUBG Mobile Season 8 Royal Pass for Free

Hey PUBG Lovers, I’ here to tell you how to get PUBG mobile season 8 royal pass for free as you already know that PUBG is a too popular game in the world. PUBG Mobile is a free game but if you want some crazy stuff then you have to pay.

Some people want to be cool in front of their friends. As you know that PUBG mobile is multiplayer games so peoples can play this game with their friends and family.

PUBG Mobile Season 8 Royal Pass
PUBG Mobile Season 8 Royal Pass

Now if you want to buy Season 8 Royal Pass so you have to pay which worth 600 UC (Rs. 799.0 or 9.9$) most of the people who play PUBG so there age around 16 – 30 so they might be a student so as a student nobody wants to pay money for a game.

So what you do? Don’t worry I’m here you can buy PUBG mobile season 8 royal pass for free I will not talking about any hacking or cracking the trick I going to tell you that is absolutely legal.

PUBG Mobile Season 8 Royal Pass Price
PUBG Mobile Season 8 Royal Pass Price

You just have to download an application called 4Fun is a too trusted and famous app in the market so what you have to do to get Royal Pass. Hmm… it is too easy to use the app.

How to download

You can download this app from here.

When you click on the download button so you’ll Click & Get 50 button then it will open in Play Store then download this application. After download it.

When you open the application then click on get 50 Rs icon then you have to log in with your phone number or google account or facebook account. After it, you will get 50 Rs. instantly but that is not enough for buying a Royal Pass.

If you want to get it then click on the home icon in-app then you will see so many videos then when you watch any video then share it via Whatsapp with your friends or anyone then you will get 1 Rs. for per video.

After reaching a 53 Rs. in that app then you can transfer the payment on your PayTm account. After it you can buy a Voucher for PlayStore then you can easily buy PUBG Mobile Season 8 Royal Pass for Free.

Watch the video for batter understanding!


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