How to increase follower, likes, comments on Instagram with Auto Maker app.

So, Now today you know that how to increase followers, likes, and comments. Now personally speaking its as easy as ABC. Really me, This Trick is to apply on everyone’s account.  Let’s get the start.

Need Things?

  1. Android App celled AUTOMAKER
  2. Fake Instagram account to Increase Follower

How I get follower

First of all, you need to download an app called “AUTO MAKER” notice that this app isn’t available on a Play Store because according to the play store guideline anyone can’t upload an app which is regarding to the Increase follower or something like that.  “DOWNLOAD APP

Follow these steps to get followers

  • Download the app called AUTOMAKER
  • Open fake Instagram account.
  • Open AUTOMAKER app click on Get Likes button
  • After clicking, choose any web for e.g Web 1
  • Click on Get Likes button 
  • Now you get any different language type of web page don’t worry I help you
  • Click on Blue button which in the top of the web
  • Copy your fake Instagram account ID
  • Paste in First box and also enter Password of ID

After successfully enter in a website you get you to profile pic. Now you are able to increase your followers, likes, and comment. Click on the LIKE icon or Send Likes button after clicking. Copy the URL of the picture on which you want to increase the Likes, After pasting the URL.

How to increase follower likes comments on Instagram with Auto Maker app

You will see the picture of which you have a past URL. Now enter the number of Likes. for e.g 100. Wait for a minute you can see the numbers of increasing likes.  

How to followers?

As you are logged in an app. If you do not so please login in. Click in Send Follower now you can clearly see the number of followers which you can increase. Notice that you can increase the likes, followers, and comment which you have. In 1 hour you can increase only 170 followers, 50 Likes, 50 comments with 1 web. for e.g 100 followers click on the send follower button. Enter Instagram Username for e.g XYZ. Type or paste username in the box. 

After pasting you can see you profile image. Type the number of follower which you want to increase for e.g 100. Press enter or GONDERIMI BASLAT button following will start.

AUTOMAKER is Developer by our team. So definitely doesn’t have any virus. But you doesn’t use the fake Instagram ID so maybe your original ID will be HACK 

Now in the same way you can increasing any Like, Followers and comments.

Watch Video.

Gyan Bar’s Video

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