7 Most AMAZING Website That You Must Know.

Are you bored at your home and you use the internet for time pass. So, I tell you some amazing cool website if you see these website so 100% you doesn’t feel bored. Let’s get ready to website.

#1. IMGUR Video to GIF

IMGUR help to covert the YouTube Video into GIF. How will this happen? Just copy the URL of YouTube any video which you want to covert in GIF. Past in the website and you see the video. Now select a video time slot which you want to covert in GIF. If you want to add text so you can. That you are able to Download this GIF file in your PC. imgur.com

#2. Create Memes. IMGFLIP

In social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. Definitely you see memes images and you think about how I can create my own MEMES. So this website is helping to create memes. Just any meme image and type your text. And you get your meme. You can download this meme which you create. imgflip.com


In a day you watch any TV serial. You face a problem cell how many days or hours TV serial show has come? This website helping to know how many days or hours the serial will come. Just go to this website and select your TV show. This website will notice that this day TV show has come. tvcountdown.com

#4. Hacker Typer

In your life, you went to become a Hacker for show off in your family members, friends. Hay I’m a HACKER. but you can’t fulfill this wish. Now today you become a hacker by this website ok I’m just joking. In this website, if you type any sentences so the text its looks like a hacking code or something programming language. Definitely, you can try it. hackertyer.net

#5. Account killer

If you want to delete a online account. You will get a lot of checks after this type and you also have trouble in finding where there is a delete button, how will you delete your account. Also, redirect to delete button page. Account killer

#6. Movies to watch

Sometime we can’t find which movie I like to watch. This website solves your this problem. How? When you go to this website you can see many movies if you open any movie from this website. It shows you the trailer of the movie also you can see the rating and comments of the movie which you open. movies to watch

#7. PDF to Word

Generally, we can’t edit a PDF file. In many time we need to edit a PDF document but we can’t edit the file. Basically, this website help to edit a PDF file. How? The website converts a PDF into word, XL file just uploads a PDF file and convert it on the word, xl file and the file which you went after edit the file convert it in PDF. The best part of the website in the document it doesn’t have any watermark or something website name on it. PDF Word

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